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    Shenzhen Jie shengda Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection development, production and trade of high-tech enterprises, the company specializes in AC-DC converter, DC-DC, high voltage modules,
converter,micro-power DC-DC converter, isolation amplifiers, isolation transmitter,isolator IC,signal isolation transmitter, isolated converters, passive 4-20mA isolation amplifier,4-20mA,passive isolation distributor,isolated conditioner,two-wire isolation amplifiers,optical isolation amplifiers, magnetic isolation amplifier, mV-level isolation amplifier,isolation power transmitter, single-channel isolation amplifier, multi-channel isolation transmitter, PT100 Thermal Resistance signal isolation transmitter,isolation distributor, power isolation transmitters, V/F frequency converter (analog signal to frequency signal),fence,non-isolated amplifier, analog signal to digital signal isolation collector and digital signal to analog signal isolation collector (RS-232, RS-485) pressure-strain bridge isolation transmitter development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Our signal isolation, isolation amplifiers, isolation transmitter and associated isolator products passed CE certificate .Self-developed products meet international standards, compatible with the vast majority of domestic and foreign well-known brands, product species covers thousands and more,are one of an industrial automation analog signal and digital signal mixed integrated circuits suppliers......

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  • Isolation Amplifier

    Jie ShengDa isolation amplifier series includes active isolation amplifier (optocoupler, magnetic isolation), passive isolation amplifier, mV-level isolation amplifiers, power signal, differential signal frequency signal, PT100 RTD, resistance signal isolation amplifier, non-isolated amplifier and so on. International chip standards pin package; products have unique technical advantages in the aspects of high-precision, low temperature drift, high isolation, high reliability, can operate in the harsh industrial environment and passed the EMC electromagnetic interference CE certification.
  • Isolation Transmitter

    Widely used in petrochemical, instrumentation, water treatment, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, power communications, environmental protection, paper, cold warm air, coal mining automation. This series of products include signal isolation amplifier modules, rails isolated transmitter, fence, power isolation amplifier, passive isolation amplifier, isolation distributor, ADC acquisition, digital to analog conversion collector series.
  • Data Acquisition

    Data acquisition (I/O) modules including analog signals to digital signals (RS-232/485) A/D acquisition module, digital signal (RS-232/485) to analog signals D/A acquisition module, switch signal to digital signal (RS-232/485) A/D acquisition module. operation in the harsh industrial environment, products passed the EMC electromagnetic interference CE certification, and can satisfy customers with an overall and complete solutions in the signal acquisition, isolation, transmission, remote transmission, etc.
  • DC-DC Converter

    Widely used in industrial control, power, instrumentation, medical electronics, rail transportation, communications communications, security and other important occasions. The series is a DC input, DC output isolated and non-isolated power module products, power ranges from 0.1W ~ 40W, a variety of packages, isolated modules include isolation voltage 1000VDC, 1500VDC, 3000VDC, 6000VDC.
  • AC-DC Converter

    Used in various AC mains power system, power industry, instrumentation, industrial control, communications equipment, medical industry and other fields have important applications. This series is Jie Sheng Da provide customers with a variety of specifications and efficient AC-DC power supply with wide input voltage range, AC-DC dual-use, high-efficiency, high reliability, low power consumption, security isolation. Product complies with EMC and safety procedures.
  • Components Supporting

    Components supporting products are widely used in industrial control, electrical, instrumentation, medical electronics, rail transportation, communications, telecommunications, equipment manufacturing,automotive electronics, petrochemical and circuit development, and many other important occasions. Now the main business  is Operational Amplifiers, all kinds of voltage regulator IC, sensors, integrated circuits,semiconductor devices, special components, electronic housings, terminals wire Etc.series products.
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